Thursday, July 10

Review: Pull by Rachel Van Dyken

Title: Pull 
By: Rachel Van Dyken
Series: Seaside #2
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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Jaded rock star, Demetri Daniels, is in Hell — also known as Seaside, Oregon. Sent to rehab after nearly getting himself killed last year, his record company wants nothing more than for him to lay low, away from the limelight.

Irritated and more alone than he’s ever been in his life, Demetri tries desperately to rebuild his shattered reputation as a drug addict and player, which proves to be difficult when he meets Alyssa.

Alyssa is everything he should stay away from. She’s beautiful, smart, but above all else, she’s damaged. And one thing Demetri has learned is two broken hearts don’t equal a whole.
In the end, he has to decide if he can rise above the life he’s created in learning from his past mistakes, or fall into the darkness of his choices.

Another bowl full of giggles. Following immediately after reading The Wager; Pull definitely has a much more solomn story line. Although, even with more friction Rachel Van Dyken still has a knack for creating a laughable experience. It has been a bit since I read the first installment, so it took me just a minute to caught back up with what was happening here. Once I had regrouped and filed everything into place this was jump in feet first kind of book. Demetri is scarred not only from his past, but from the rejection from Nat in book one. I was so excited to see the flourish of his character in this book. Finally clean it is much easier to love him, and I was instant fan for Alyssa. Their love is a bit rushed and instantaneous, but it was the intense passion that I have come to love from Rachel. This was another great read, but it did seem a little tame for her previous works. I see that book three will be Jamieson's story, and while I am a bit in the dark about this new female character I am certain that we are about to experience so more friction. 

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