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Review: Hopeful by Louise Bay


Title: Hopeful

By: Louise Bay

My Copy: Ebook for Review

BookWhisperer Rating:

Four Books

Guys like Joel Wentworth weren't supposed to fall in love with girls like me. He could have had his pick of the girls on campus, but somehow the laws of nature were defied and we fell crazy in love.
For a short time, I thought it would be for infinity.
On July 10, 2006, immediately after graduation, Joel left for New York. And, despite him wanting me to go with him, I'd refused, unwilling to disappoint my parents and risk the judgment of my friends. I hadn’t seen him again. Never even spoke to him.
I've spent the last eight years working hard to put my career front and center in my life, dodging any personal complications. I have a strict no-dating policy. I've managed to piece together a reality that works for me.
Until now.
Now, Joel's coming back to London.
And I need to get over him before he gets over here.
Hopeful is a stand alone novel.

our thoughts

A romantic's dream!!!! This was my first experience with works by Louise Bay, and I am a definite fan. Hopeful is a raw and gritty love story. Joel and Ava's story inspires raw emotions that only a talented author can masterfully provoke. Joel is a private and humble character, and I was instantly in love with him unconditionally. Ava seems to be lacking much confidence, so this leaves her consistently disconcerted and uncertain in many aspects of her life. When these characters paths cross one another it cause an explosive of massive proportions. They are dynamite together, but with her own personal issues can their love survive the test of time. I was blown away by every brush of the hand and act forceful possession. Joel is an example of the perfectly created man, so be prepared for a new addition to the book boyfriend list. Through everything the love between these characters seems indestructible, but just when I thought that this was the purest version of loving unconditionally, life finally knocks them down. This is a HEA, and I am happy with the nice and tidy box the conclusion can be wrapped up in. I look forward to seeing more from Louise Bay in the future.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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