Thursday, July 10

Review: Her Dark Places by Kelly Killarney

Title: Her Dark Places
By: Kelly Killarney
Series: Sutton Files #1
My Copy: Ebook from Author
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‘Veronica Mars’ meets ‘Felicity’ in this sexy, snarky, New Adult Romantic Suspense novel.

Jasmine “Jazz” Holloway gets more than she bargained for when she heads to Sutton College for her freshman year. A long-distance relationship with her high-school boyfriend is tough to maintain. Especially when Brennan, the cute boy down the hall, keeps flirting. And after someone starts threatening her roommate, Jazz enlists the help of Sean, a smokin’ hot upperclassman who runs a P.I. agency out of a darkened corner of the library. 

Jazz has to fight her attraction to both guys as she works to uncover the stalker. But as the stakes rise and tension heightens, the hardest part for Jazz will be keeping her own secret...what she’s really doing at Sutton College. And that’s something no one can know.

This was a very mild romance. Her Dark Places relies solely on the mission to find a killer, but the romance an adventure that accompanies the story give it an addictive nature. Once I had started the story curiosity was my leading motivator. I just had to see what would happen, and found myself guessing at the ending. I expected a bit more of a conclusive ending, but as far as stories go it is a great one. It is engaging and suspenseful, and a great debut for the series. I am honestly a little discouraged about the romantic choice at the moment, but yet anxious to see where it will go. The author is a very ironic writer, and I have may predictions that I am looking forward to seeing unveiled. 

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