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Review: Southpaw by Raen Smith

Title: Southpaw
By: Raen Smith
Series: South Boys #1.5
My Copy:
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I fight because I have no other choice. I fight because it’s in my blood.

Given Name: Kelly James Black
Nickname: “The Dude”
Born: Madison, Wisconsin
Age: 24
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 205 lbs
Weight Class: Light Heavyweight
Record: 12-0-0
Relationship Status: Train wreck

Meet MMA fighter and Piper Sullivan's roommate extraordinaire, Kelly Black, in this South Boys Novella. This story takes you on Kelly's Black journey to love and overcoming a broken past. Approximately 24,000 words, it can be read as a standalone or for more enjoyment, can be read along with Southbound Surrender.

I think I liked this book because there was more to it than just the two main characters Kelly and Olivia but let’s start with them first.  Kelly is tricked by his roommate Piper to believe that Olivia is already taken, which makes him want her even more.  Once he finds out that she is single, he goes for the TKO.  The story is about how Olivia is hesitant in starting a relationship with a fighter and how Kelly needs to overcome his past.  They are two good, main characters that keep the story interesting but what really pushed me over the edge into continuing with this series is Piper. 

Piper is Kelly’s roommate that just seems super cool so when you find out that she is in love with a guy that she hasn’t seen in years, you kind of become interested in why.  This makes me want to read the first book Southbound Surrender just so I can get Piper’s background story. 

I do think that Southpaw should be labeled as a #0.5 instead of a #1.5 because it takes place before Piper’s story, which is the first book in the series.

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