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Review: Wrecked by Alla Kar

Title: Wrecked
By: Alla Kar
My Copy: Netgalley
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One wrecked plane …
Two wrecked souls …

ANNABELLE JACOBS is comfortable with her boyfriend of a year JORDAN FINCH. But Jordan’s best-friend BEAU RICHARDS doesn’t make Annabelle feel comfortable—he makes her feel alive. One drunken night things get out of hand leaving Annabelle and Beau with a fire in desperate need of extinguishing.

But sometimes the direst of problems need more than a fire extinguisher to stop the burn.

The class trip to Spain was supposed to be fun. But fun takes the week off when their plane crashes over the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Spain. Only a few of the passengers survive.

With loved ones gone, Beau and Annabelle cling tight to one another to survive the hot days and freezing nights. But the guilt of their feelings keep one another from the path they truly want to take.

But sometimes love doesn't take the backseat.

Sometimes love wrecks you before it claims you.

A forbidden love story? Sign me up!  That is exactly what “Wrecked” was; forbidden because Beau was her boyfriend’s best friend and the feelings Belle felt were intense.  An “almost” night together left Belle avoiding Beau at all costs but when their plane crashes and they are two out of the four survivors, feelings come to the surface.

Beau was so hot and adorable, if I can describe someone a character as hot and adorable at the same time.  His top priority was to survive and protect Belle while deserted with two other survivors.  Everything that he did, he did for her; building shelter, gathering food, protecting them from the wild creatures around. He was amazing and his want for Belle was amazing as well.

However, I found myself not really like Belle at all.  I hated that she didn’t just ‘woman’ up and talk to Beau about what happened.  I hated that all she did was cry about her feelings and what was happening to her.  I hated how she kept running away and making Beau (poor, sweet Beau) upset.  Belle had this amazing man ready to love her and she kept pushing him away, so not cool.

When it finally turned out how I wanted it to, that is when the book ended. 

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