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Review: Troubled Son by Jayna King

troubled son

Title: Troubled Son

By: Jayna King

Series: Savaged Sons Motorcycle Club #1

My Copy: Ebook for Review

BookWhisperer Rating:

three books

Max Fisher is going to have to get up close and personal with a whole new scene in her very first undercover case for the FBI. She's smart, focused, and ready to put the Savage Sons Motorcycle Club in prison. The only problem? She has to work with a partner.
Moses Hall, muscled, tattooed alpha male wants out of the Savage Sons MC, and he's agreed to work with the FBI for a chance at a new life, free of the drugs and destructive forces of the MC. But can he learn to trust Max with his life?
Max and Moses grow closer, and the sexual attraction between them is undeniable. They start building their case.....until they learn that all isn't as it seems, and there could be deadly consequences.

our thoughts

Troubled Son takes a much different route than the average MC novel. Moses story is one of good, and the sacrifices that doing the right thing can require. As far as the detailed and gripping storyline I think this was total success. I really enjoyed this twist of new to the repetitive story line. The romance between Moses and Max is where I seem to have a bit of a hang up. Troubled Son is most definitely a Erotica, but in order to create it I think that it took away a bit from the incredible story line. I am all for the romance between these two common soul characters, but I feel that the abundance and forced interactions moved the focus more to the sex rather than the strong story that the author was building. Overall, Troubled Son is a very entertaining story, but I just felt that it could have been more.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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