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Review: Saving His Mate by Savannah Stuart

Title: Saving His Mate
By: Savannah Stuart
Series: A Crescent Moon Story #4
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From the moment vampire bounty-hunter Rex Serano meets sexy shifter Margery, he’s smitten. When the alpha of the Kincaid pack asks him to join with them, he’s stunned by the offer, but the real draw is the beautiful, caring female who seems to want nothing to do with him.

Margery is the driving maternal force for her pack and she has one rule: she doesn’t date vampires. Years ago she was nearly killed by rogue vamps and she has no interest in getting involved with one now. No matter how sexy a certain, persistent bounty hunter might be.

When one of Rex’s hunts gets messy, Margery gets caught in the crossfire and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. They might be different species but the mating call is undeniable and too strong to ignore. Now they must find a way to reach common ground and trust their instincts if they’re going to fight for a future together.

Did I read book 1-3 in this series? No, but that didn’t stop me from understanding what was going on, so don’t let it deter you.

This book was a nice, little read that swept you up in a supernatural world and kept you there until the end.  It was delightful to read from Rex’s POV when he first laid eyes on Margery and how smitten he was with her.  For Margery, even though she was attracted to him, it wasn’t all sweet, safe feelings.  She gives an insight into her past that allows you to understand why she is hesitant of vampires and what happens to her in this book gives her more reasons to be. 

What I found adorable was the scene where Rex came in and helped Margery out at her bakery…hot guy and sweets, could a girl want anything else?!

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