Sunday, May 4

Review: Part of Me by A.C. Arthur

Title: Part of Me
By: A.C. Arthur
Series: Damaged Hearts #2
My Copy: Netgalley
Book Whisperer's Rating: 

Lidia Morales has always felt out of place. The one stable presence in her childhood has always been Brayden. Every major moment, every growing pain, everything in her life has been shared with him since they were little, so it makes sense to her that they will stay friends at college together. Until one night, emotions are revealed in a heated kiss, and Lidia’s world is turned upside down. Brayden has always been just a friend and she knows she should look somewhere else for love. But the memory of the passion between them is undeniable—and Brayden isn’t about to let her forget it. As trouble brews, Lidia may need Brayden more than she realized and Brayden will do whatever it takes to convince her that they are soulmates…bonded for life, in Part of Me.

I guess there are reasons why a series is called a series; meaning they should be read in order.  I guess I should have read the first book to help my confusion.  But really, even if I read the first book, I feel like this book would still be lackluster in my mind.  Nothing held my interest in this novella. 

I, unfortunately, did not connect with the main characters or felt passion once while reading.  So I am sad to say that this book wasn’t my cup of tea. 

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