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Review: Saving Ella by Kirsty Dallas

Title: Saving Ella
By: Kirsty Dallas
Series: Mercy Angel's #1
My Copy: Ebook from Author for Honest Review
BookWhisperer Rating:

Please Note - this book contains some violence, language that some may find offensive and sexual situations. 

The protection every child is owed was lost on Ella Munroe. Her tiny body was beaten, bruised, cut and bloodied. And the thing about pain, it demands to be felt……. While searching for affection, Ella gave away her body and her escape was found in drugs. Self-loathing led to self-destruction and she tried to cut that hate from herself. They say pain makes you stronger, fear makes you braver; Ella had more strength and bravery than most. With her head down, scars covered and heart locked behind a wall of steel Ella ran. On the streets she may have found her freedom but she was still alone, until she found ‘Mercy’s’, until she found Jax. 

Born a warrior, Jaxon Carter could intimidate with no more than a glance, but this warrior was not born to destroy, he was born to protect. To Jax, Ella was much more than a tiny beaten girl, Ella was an angel. Ella was Jax’s angel, she was his to protect and cherish. She was his to love and although Ella’s first instinct was to run, Jax made her yearn for things she had long forgotten. In capturing her heart, Jax freed Ella. In embracing her imperfections, Jax owned Ella. Sometimes though, you have to fight for love and sometimes blood is destined to run a river. Sometimes, hate trumps love. 
All Jax had to do was keep Ella safe, it all seemed so easy….

This debut to the Mercy's Angels series was absolutely wonderful. It is terribly saddening story, but Ella and Jax are such a great pair. Their dark and sorted pasts are nothing to be envious of, but this sparkle of hope is all the encouragement readers will need. Their finding a bit of normalcy is just what the doctor ordered. Jax being the alpha male protector that we have come to love with appeal to the "damsel in distress" in us all, but Ella strong and courageous spirit will inspire. Although, with a past such as Ella had endured Jax's Alpha tendencies are held with utmost scrutiny, because of Ella's scarred shell. The dark and dangerous topics of this story will tug at the compassion heart strings. Ella is a survivor, and just maybe in Jax case a savior. The building of this story unveils a whole cast of attractive characters that will be strong independent leads. I was left feeling an anticipation for some of their very own stories. 
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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