Tuesday, March 11

Review: Sin in San Fran by Nicole Williams

Title: Sin in San Fran
By: Nicole Williams
Series: Great Exploitations #4
My Copy: Ebook from Amazon
BookWhisperer Rating:
Eve isn’t used to failure. Especially when it comes to her Errands, but that’s exactly where she finds herself waking up in a hospital bed, bruised and bloodied. 

Not only has the Tucker Errand been derailed, Henry Callahan’s is about to do the same. When G informs Eve that the competition is moving in on Henry, she orders her to drop the Tucker Client and get back to Henry, forcing Eve to decide what’s more important: winning the big-time Errands, or keeping her promises to her small-time Clients. Whatever her answer, she knows one thing—she can’t succeed at both without threatening to fail everyone.

Wow Henry to the Rescue!!!! What in the world just happened. I thought this was a bunch of stories about horrible men, but even the enemy has his shining moments. On the other hand the current errand in this little adventure was horrid. To think there are actually men as horrible as this one was is sickening. How could a man so vile and despicable not have gotten himself in trouble before his wife went to the Eve's. As the story continued I was a mixture of emotions; on one hand I was scared to death that Eve was going to find her match, but on the other hand I was determined to see her find justice for all the horrible things that his wife must have endured over the years. The Henry story is continuing to unfold, and I believe we are about to find way more to the story. That more, just might make it impossible for her to clearly finish this errand. More importantly, it is obvious that emotions are still existing for both parties, and I look for feeling to become even more of an issue in the installments to come. At this point, I am still a devoted follower to the installments, but I can't tell you how much of dilemma it will cause for readers to pay $2.99 per installment. At this point I have spent around $12.00 on this series alone. I could have bought a whole book for that amount. ~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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