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Review: Loving Cara by Kristen Proby

Title: Loving Cara
By: Kristen Proby
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Josh King is an expert at running his family’s multi-million dollar ranch in Montana. (And all that outside manual labor has done wonders for sculpting his six-foot-three body, too.) But as sure footed as he is when it comes to the ranch, Josh doesn’t know anything about how to deal with an adolescent boy—so when his twelve-year-old nephew, Seth, is dropped off on his doorstep, looking scared and acting surly as hell, Josh knows he needs help in straightening him out.

Cara Donovan loves her quiet life as a teacher in her sleepy hometown, so she jumps at the chance to make a little money over the summer as a tutor. But when she learns she’ll be teaching Josh King’s nephew, Cara’s sweet summer job gets a little bit hotter. Cara tries to focus all her attention on tutoring Seth, but Josh proves to be a delicious distraction, while Josh’s memories of the shy girl he once teased in high school are nothing like the beautiful woman he’s facing now. Can he persuade her that there’s more between them than a summer fling?

I love Kristen Proby’s “With me in Seattle” series so I was ecstatic to see her come out with a new series.  Wait, let me clarify, I could not get into the first “With me in Seattle: Come away with me” book…at all.  However, I continued with the series and found that I truly liked book 2-5. 

I hope that this series, “Love under the big sky” turns out the same way.  There were things that I liked in “Loving Cara” and there were things that I didn’t like and I hope the series continues to grow into these wonderful characters as the “With me in Seattle” series did.
I loved the premise of this book.  Cara starts tutoring Seth, Jake’s nephew, and gets to spend some quality time with one of the town’s most handsome men.  It is an instant attraction between Cara and Jake and as the reader, you know it is going to be wonderful with them together than separate.  And it truly is; they are a fantastic couple.  Of course, they have their fights.  Some of these fights, to me, were very typical fights that you read in most books; misunderstandings, miscommunication, etc.  They were very formulated.  But that doesn’t mean that at any moment, it took away from the story.

I will say that the secondary characters were wonderful and I am excited to see where this series goes with them.  Zach, Jill, and Ty have me intrigued about their future. 
The one thing that floored me was when Seth opens up to Cara while on their fishing excursion about his relationship with his mother and his mother’s boyfriends, I was in shocked that nothing was followed up with his secret.  It was slightly mentioned and then nothing else.  I do not know if this will be a side plot in Zach’s story or not but I do believe that it should be talked about.  To me it was a huge deal.

So all in all, I am looking forward to the next book.

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