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Review: Becoming Noah by J.M. Sevilla

becoming noah

Title: Marked Part II Becoming Noah Baxter

By: J.M. Sevilla

Series: Marked #2

My Copy: Ebook from Author for Review

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Part two of a two part series.
Jay and Lily complete each other in ways no one else ever could, teaching one another things about themselves they wouldn't have known otherwise, but is it enough? Can two people from entirely different worlds find a way to make it last? Even if their love is strong enough, they still have an obstacle standing in their way. Will they survive the “game”, or will The Marker destroy everything they had hoped to create?
This book contains violence, excessive language, and strong sexual content. It's intended to be read by mature audiences.

our thoughts

This has been a much anticipated release. After The Missing Link I was so absorbed in this story of mystery and danger; that I was heart broken to discover I was entering a waiting game for book two. I was positively surprised when I received an email from this wonderful author for review copy of the Becoming Noah just last week. There was no time to waste, and I started this one immediately. It has proven to be well worth the wait. Noah and Lily's story continues with the same fervor and vigor that was presented in Missing Link. In the end, I like to think of this story in two parts. Maybe not equal parts, but parts all the same. First, there is what I like to call the pre battle that offered all of the dark and broody Jay that we lusted and loved in the first installment; similarly there is the happy spunky Lily that we can't help but adore. Don't worry the gun toting bad ass that we saw out of her in book one was not the end. So, then this is followed by the post battle that threw me for a loop. The loop being that Jay becomes this character full of emotion and overwhelming dedication. While still completely attractive, but naturally with such a transition it took me a bit to get used to it. More importantly, I think it takes the dark and dangerous character and erased some of the rough edges. This could be seen as a good and bad point, but I would say I reside on the fence of indifference. I still loved his character, but it transforms a bit to more of a sappy love story. It was not what I had anticipated, but it is still appeasing to the reader. These stories have been so exhilarating. I have a deep love for Hitman, Mafia, and MC books; and this series has been by far one of my favorites. Being my first experience with works by J.M. Sevilla I can only hope for more of such thrilling reads. With such talent and great potential there just has to be more in store.

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