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Monday, January 27

Guest Post: Beautiful Addiction by Season Vining

Hear a bit from the wonderful author of Beautiful Addictions

Why we love our book boyfriends

The term “book boyfriend” has become increasingly popular, especially among romance readers. When we immerse ourselves in these works of fiction, we are no longer bystanders being told a story, we become part of that world. Being allowed inside a character’s head to hear all their thoughts, live their dreams and experience their emotions connects us in a way that is hard to let go of once the book is closed. This is the reason why we can feel empathy for the guy who is emotionally distant or the one who is hurtful and too aggressive. We know them on an intimate level, and therefore can see all the positive qualities while rationalizing and explaining away the negative ones.

We all have our own tastes when it comes to attraction. You may think you are only attracted to the tall, dark, and handsome ideal, when suddenly you find yourself lusting after the blonde-haired, skinny geek living next door to the female protagonist. This time, it may not be his physical appeal or even an intellectual connection. Reading a story through a female’s eyes can influence you to think and believe things you never have before. The way she sees him, the things that make her heart flutter or her pulse spike, suddenly have the same effect on you. That feeling, whether in real life or through words on a page, is addictive and only leads to wanting more.

In my debut novel, Beautiful Addictions, we are introduced to Tristan through the eyes of Josie. We feel her inexplicable connection to him and her absolute longing. She gives us simple physical descriptions that allow us to start shaping Tristan in our minds.

He pushed the hood back, his nails scraping through dirty hair. It wove through his fingers, staying upturned in a veritable crown of thorns. Heavy footsteps counted off his rhythm as Josie watched him rage.

“Unforgivable,” he said. He tried it again, repeating the quiet chant over and over until it mirrored the beat of Josie’s pulse.

She gasped as he ripped off his hooded sweatshirt and threw it to the ground. Brilliant inked images covered his arms, interrupted only by the white beater that molded to his body.

Tristan is a stranger at this point, but the reader knows by this powerful introduction that he will be vital to this story. His tattoos, intellect, green eyes, strength, and love for the written word are all layers added along the journey. They work to assemble him into someone complicated and desirable, someone worth cheering for. While it’s frustrating that it takes Josie so long to let him into her life, it creates sympathy for Tristan and you find yourself wishing he was yours.

Whether your love life is completely satisfying or nonexistent, book boyfriends work effortlessly to fill our hearts and amp up our passion. They make readers question what they thought they knew about love, attraction, and physical need. The desire we feel for these male characters sometimes make us raise our standards and reevaluate our own lives. His intelligence, protectiveness, ability to express his feelings, along with ideal physicality leads us to imagine what it would be like to have him, to belong to him. While it’s nice to envision a fantasy life with your new man, remember that he is a work of fiction. He exists only as words and dialogue on a page brought to life by an author and made immortal by the reader. As long as you stay grounded in reality, I see nothing wrong with having a few book boyfriends stashed away for a rainy day.

Season Vining is the author of Beautiful Addictions, a New Adult Romantic Suspense novel from St. Martin’s Griffin. It is being released as an eBook first on January 28, 2014 and then in print on June 10, 2014. She first gained attention for the book in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award in which the story was a Quarterfinalist. Season is a graphic designer by trade and adores all form of art. She’s a fan of live music, vintage cars, and people who know the difference between their, there, and they’re.

Twitter: @SeasonVining

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