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Monday, December 2

Review: Scandal in Seattle by Nicole Williams

Title: Scandal in Seattle
By: Nicole Williams
Series: Great Exploitations #2
My Copy: Bought from Amazon
BookWhisperer Rating:

Revenge isn’t what the Eves are about. Justice is.

But when Sienna Stevens leaves Miami for her Errand in Seattle as Ally Andrews, revenge is the only thing on her mind. A woman scorned is one thing, but Ally is something else altogether. She will not rest until the man who upended her world is brought to his personal and financial knees. She won’t settle for just upending his world in return. She’s going for full-blown annihilation.

Ally’s barely in Seattle a day before complications arise. She begins making slips. She’s one error away from being pulled from the biggest Errand of her career when she comes face to face with Henry Callahan. Former lover. Current Target.

Things just went from complicated to catastrophic.

EVEN BETTER!!!! I little story just told me SO much.... Nicole offers a little history, mission, and side story all in one story. After taking on the revenge mission I had expected that alone. Now, it has become obvious that each story is a mission, but with a overall running of this bigger story. Then, we are mixing in the history of these lovers. I have some guesses about where this is going, and each and every story is bringing me one step closer. Evie is vicious and brutal, but it is so perfectly delivered to these loathing and despicable men. I love every minute of it. Just as I said in the first books review this is definitely a girl power book, so far and the avid lover of independent female leads will eat up her character. Unfortunately, book three is not accessible yet, so here is to waiting for more of this great story. This is a BookWhisperer Recommended Read. ~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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