Thursday, November 21

Review: Living with the Bad Boy by Sharlay

Title: Living with the Bad Boy
By: Sharlay
My Copy: Author Ebook for Review
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When Addy's dad tells her that his friend, and his son, Caleb are coming to stay with them because their house has been destroyed, she is mad. Five years earlier, Caleb had played a prank on her that she was not ready to let go off. She vowed to make his life and his stay there a complete and utter misery. However, what happens when pranks, anger and revenge turn into something that neither Addy or Caleb would have ever seen coming. Find out as Addy discovers what living with the bad boy is really like...
Living with the Bad Boy was a very unique story. A bit immature at times, but all together it was cute and funny. The tricks and pranks really had me giggling my way through most of the story. Although, also at moments cringing, because these two characters are so ruthless. Nothing in this story really jumped out at me, but it was a really good story. Entertaining and shocking keeping readers into the story, if for nothing else, but the anticipation of seeing what they will do next. I have so other titles from Sharlay for review coming up. This leave me anxious to see what they hold for me. I am hoping for something a bit more memorable, but either way if this is any foresight I look forward to another great read. 

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