Thursday, November 14

Review: Backstage Pass by Elizabeth Nelson

Title: Backstage Pass
By: Elizabeth Nelson
My Copy: Ebook for Review
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Kerri is dead-set on setting her best friend up. But Sasha is not interested, especially when she finds out the guy in question is a lead singer in a band. She has one rule for her dating life and that is no musicians. She knows relationships with them can only end badly.

Jesse is persistent in getting Sasha’s attention, always being charming, genuine and there for her to lean on – emotionally and physically after she breaks her foot. Sasha isn’t sure she can continue to deflect his advances, and isn’t sure she wants to.

Backstage Pass is an incredibly short read. Sasha and Jesse have an intense unspoken attraction, but I was very reluctant in accepting Jesse's forward persistence. At moments it was almost unnerving, because of is abrasive forwardness. As a bit he seemed to even out, and I was able grasp his good guy character, but then I found myself frustrated with Sasha's hands off personality. She very much seems like a tease for the majority. Both of these issues leave this story in the average ok region. It is entertaining, but it is definitely not the best story that I have ever read. I was fully impressed with the ending though. It was a killer cliff hanger that leaves you begging for more of the story. I can honestly say that I probably liked this story enough that I would continue to find out the "more" of the story, but I would definitely hope for the story to improve with each installment. 

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