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Review: Red Hot Dragon (The Dragon Heat Series #2) by Lolita Lopez

Title: Red Hot Dragon
By: Lolita Lopez
Series: The Dragon Heat Series #2
My Copy: Ebook from Netgalley
Book Whisperer's Rating: 

Griffin Cadogan is shocked to see Avani Monroe, sworn enemy of his dragon family, walk into his gym. With his mating phase soon approaching, Griffin is curious as to why she has to come enemy territory knowing the risks. Not only does she surprise Griffin and his cousin, Mad, by coming to enemy territory, but what she wants is borderline insane-Griffin must help her have a baby.

After her mother's line was annihilated by the Knights, Avani accepted her duty to ensure the continuation of their unique dragon breed. She's searched the dragon registries and Griffin is the most likely candidate for her crazy plan. Working up the courage to approach a man who considers her an enemy wasn't easy but she manages to calmly lay out her carefully orchestrated plan.

But Griffin isn't about to agree to her harsh terms. If she wants him to father her child, he intends to play an active role in his offspring's life, not simply walk away as she requires. Shocked by her instant attraction to him, she agrees to his terms. Once together, they realize their connection is about more than creating a child, but that happiness is short-lived when Mad suddenly disappears. Knowing the dragon slayers are behind it, Griffin must risk it all to save the ones he loves.

I took a chance with Red Hot Dragon because, honestly, I thought it could go either way.  It could be absolutely crazy horrible because I have never read a story about humans that morph into dragons before or it could be awesome because, well, I have never read a story about humans that morph into dragons before.  Yes, humans morphing into werewolves make sense to me because it is such a popular genre but I have never thought dragons.  So, like I said, I took a chance.  Good news for me, and you, is that it paid off. 

I really liked discovering this world of dragons that Lopez brought into the world.  Uniquely different in its own way (instead of turning on every full moon,) these dragons go into heat and lock themselves up in bunkers so that Knight, who hunts them, cannot find them.  This is where this book starts off. 

Avani is the last of her dragon kind and she goes to Griffin to make a deal; let’s make a baby!  But this book isn’t all about their scenes where practicing makes perfect (however, with Griffin and Avani first get together, it is perfect from the start) it has an intriguing background story as well; one that starts and leaves you kind of hanging and most definitely wanting to know more.

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