Monday, October 28

Review: Discovering Us by Harper Bentley

Title: Discovering Us
By: Harper Bentley
Series: True Love #1
My Copy: Ebook from Author for Review
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Ellen has loved Jagger since she was five and he was seven when they kissed through the chain link fence at school. She’s had their wedding planned since she was twelve and is ready for a happily ever after with him, but life just isn't that neat and tidy. Although they lost contact over the years, which broke her heart, during Jag's senior year in high school, sophomore Ellen catches his eye once again and their friendship is back on. When things between them gradually develop into something more, Ellen wants to give herself completely to Jag, but he’s not so sure he wants to risk their relationship in taking things to the next level. When Jag is drafted to the Dodgers as the hot, new pitcher of the team, Ellen decides to go with him, transferring colleges and leaving her friends and family behind. But things get more and more complicated when busy schedules, a slimy agent and a supermodel disrupt their lives, which makes Ellen question whether they’ll ever get their perfect forever.

This is the first book of the True Love Trilogy.
What just FRICKIN HAPPENED!?!?!?!?!?!?! Discovering Us is a slowly building intense romance. These two characters are perfect from the start. Everything about them, about their lives points to one another. It is wonderful slowly learning and loving them both as the story unfolds. I love the beginning approach of each chapter, "When I was twenty I knew Jag was my soul mate." That is not actually what they said, but every chapter starts out exactly like this. Almost halfway through I wondered if this would be just a slow progression of heart stopping romance with none of the typically suspense and climax that we are so used too. Let just suffice it to say that was not the case. This story packs on hell of a punch, and it will leave readers dangling over the pit of despair with no release. At a minimal length readers will have this story completed in no time. An awesome read for someone looking for some deep and soul shattering emotions. 

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