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Sunday, September 29

Review: Silencing Joy by Amy Rachiele

silencing joy

Title: Silencing Joy

By: Amy Rachiele

My Copy: Ebook from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:


I scream. I couldn’t help it. I jump up and whack my head on the bottom of a bleacher. My hand flies immediately to the lump forming. I start running while bent in half. I try to get out.
I don’t.
Suddenly, my hair is yanked back. I shriek as my hands automatically go to the back of my head. My heart races in terror. I bend backwards from the yank and then fall to my knees.
~Joy, Silencing Joy
Joy is the type of person that goes about her business, stays out of people’s way, and keeps to herself. Everything changes one night at a football game.
Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Follow Joy as she discovers what wrong place and wrong time actually mean.
Kara shifted in her seat and her foot slipped. Something pulled on it.
A hand came around her mouth and she was falling. Kara found herself flat on the ground in the dirt and trash under the bleachers.
A cloth was slipped over her mouth and tied behind her head. Someone flipped her over like a hog, tying and dressing it for a roast over a spit. Kara’s hands were yanked and bound behind her back with thick rope.

our thoughtsFirst off, I must mention that this description above was what had me hooked. After the Mobster’s Girl series by Amy Rachiele I knew that I wanted to keep my eyes open for new titles, but when I read the description for Silencing Joy I was instantly enthralled. Like curiosity with the Cat, I just had to find out where this would go. I was not disappointed as this story unfolds into romantic thriller that had me hanging on to the last page. After the style in her past novels I am comfortable with Rachiele’s ability to run two romances at the same time, and was excited to see this same display of talent in this new storyline. Joy and Kara stories run simultaneously. Also similar resemblances were noticed with the action packed swift pace of this journey. Overall, this was another entertaining read that further enforces my love for this author talented style. I look for more of these great stories and characters.

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