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Saturday, September 21

Review: Made for You (Cole #2) by Vi Keeland

Title: Made for You
By: Vi Keeland
Series: Cole #2
My Copy: Ebook from Author
Book Whisperer's Rating: 

Jack and Syd spent a week in paradise. It was only supposed to be a fling. But life can be funny sometimes, and circumstances brought them back together again. Together they seemed to have found their happy ever after. But when Sydney is offered a chance at the career she has always wanted, she must leave Jack behind to follow her dreams. Can their love survive long distance? Sydney’s touring with a man every woman wants, but he only has eyes for Syd. And an unexpected tragedy leaves Jack feeling remorseful. Can the two find a way through to forever?

The first book is all about paradise, well mostly.  Syd and Jack meet and decide a week fling would be the best way to spend their separate vacations. I mean, Jack is hot, who wouldn’t agree to this kind of deal?  Half way through the book, they return to reality and their paths cross again.  Syd’s long time dream to tour comes knocking at the door and with that, Jack and Syd decide to give their relationship a shot long distance style. 

The whole second book revolves around Syd’s touring and the strain that it puts on their newfound relationship.  If I am going to be honest, I really was only interested in the scenes where Jack appeared.  Horrible, I know.  Syd living her dream is great but reading about Jack was even greater!  His character made me more interested in the story than the actual main character.  To me, he held the story with his background and the type of man that he was. 

I think I really started to get into the story when the Jack’s dad makes an appearance towards the end.  I wish the story were longer so that I could have fell in love with the characters more, but it was not. 

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