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Friday, August 16

Review: Ruined by You by Kelly Harper

ruined by you
Title: Ruined by You
By: Kelly Harper
Series: Maggie & Haden Book 1
My Copy: Ebook from Author
BookWhisperer Rating:
Can one summer change your life?
Maggie Simpson has one summer left before college starts. And the last place she wants to spend it is in Green Falls, TX with her mother's family. She was annoyed when her mother announced the change of plans at the last moment, but as she reconnects with her cousin Sarah, she realizes a summer away might be exactly what she needs.
Maggie decides to find a summer job to keep herself occupied, and to help pay for college. She is ecstatic when Scottie gives her a job at a local watering hole, The Hill Country Saloon, to find a band to headline the annual Battle of the Bands competition.
One night, Maggie meets sexy and mysterious Haden, and he agrees to help her find a band for the competition. As Maggie and Haden work side by side, secrets are unleashed that make Maggie question everything she thought she knew about Haden, and the reason for her summer in Green Falls.
Secrets, so powerful, that her life may never be the same.

our thoughtsI am Kelly Harper’s newest fan. This series just renforces exactly why I love this new mature young adult genre. This books is the perfect mixture of love and lust. Carrying readers through the entire story hanging on every word. Maggie and Haden are perfect together, and Harper created a story so exhilarating that I was constantly craving more. This is not the most suspenseful novel since I was immediately seeing the direction that the story was traveling, but it was so exciting and magical that I was captivated to say the least. I ran through this story so fast that I was surprised when I came to the end, but with the cliff hanger there was not choice but to continue the adventure. I am rooting for this couple with everything in me, and with all of the information mounting I can concerned about where this story will lead. With the ending, I am uncertain of what book two will hold, but I think it is a guarantee that it is going to be emotional.
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