Wednesday, July 24

Review: Slow Summer Burn by Elisabeth Barrett

Title: Slow Summer Burn
By: Elisabeth Barrett
Series: Star Harbor #4
My Copy: Ebook from Netgalley
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Val Grayson has been a strong, steady presence in his younger brothers’ lives. Now that the other Grayson men have settled down, Val is able to focus on himself … and he has gorgeous, privileged Cameron Stahl in his sights. Cam has just opened her second antique store in Star Harbor and is more than receptive to sexy-as-sin Val’s advances. But Cam’s family isn’t too keen on their precious daughter dating a DEA agent. It’ll be up to Val to convince Cam–and himself–that he’s worth it. And man, is he worth it!

Slow Summer Burn is book number four in the Star Harbor series and go ahead and ask if I have read number one, two, or three yet….sure haven’t.  It seems like lately I like to read things out of order. J 

Although I really didn’t know Val’s brothers and their chosen women, I didn’t have to get into the Graysons’ stories.  All the Grayson men seem absolutely delectable including Val.  Who doesn’t love a DEA agent who is super sexy?!  He was handsome, protective, and built!

What I liked about this book was that the characters were really down to earth.  Cameron, a high society individual, didn’t act snobby or stick her nose in the air around others.  She was very polite and easy to love.  How she got along with Val’s brothers was perfect; the perfect method to wiggle her way into Val’s heart.  Val, a very working and family dedicated man, is not seen as a high society man in Cameron’s mother’s eyes but he could hold his own against her family and showed true love to Cam. 

This story gave me a glimmer of hope because Val and Cam are an unlikely pair who fall in love and work hard to stay together when society and duty tries to rip them apart.  

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