Tuesday, July 9

Review: Rush of Innocence (Rush #1) by RL Potter

Title: Rush of Innocence
Series: Rush #1
By: LR Potter
My Copy: Ebook from Netgalley
Book Whisperer's Rating: 

Trinity Grace knows about control. She understands control. She’s lived with the tight reins of control wrapped around her so tight, she can barely breathe. When she finds out to what great lengths her father would go to retain that control, she flees to Vail, Colorado, to enjoy a girls' week-long party. She’s surprised to find Rush Drayton in Vail. A man, she only recently met… a man, who sends delicious shivers up her spine. What are the chances they could both leave Savannah and wind up in the same city?

Rush Drayton is an enigma to Trinity. His dashes between being super-sinfully sizzling to cold and distant leaves her confused and vulnerable. He continually says things that confuse and confound her.

Once the holiday is over, Trinity returns home to her normal life… however, there is nothing normal about the trouble that continuously seeks her out. As she struggles to thaw her father against his attempts to retain control over her, pain and suffering seem to follow. She turns to Rush in her times of extreme crisis, but is he really helping? Or the one behind all the suffering?

I am not a writer; I never could be.  I appreciate what those who can write put out for those like me to read.  With that being said, I couldn’t get into this book.  While the plot was a great plot and I feel like it could have been something at the top of its class, I had a few problems with it. 

First, Trinity was in harms way every second of this book.  She gets shot at, attacked (twice), mugged, hit by a car, kidnapped, shot and I want to say there is something else that happens but I can’t remember it.  It was too much for me.  I do love drama but there is a drama limit for me in a book.  I also hated that she kept constantly forgiving Rush.  He was horrible to her at some times and every time she confronted him about it, he would give her some oozy love saying and she would forgive him.  I wanted her to stand up to him and really give it to him and that never happened.  He would have been smacked, many times, if I were Trinity.

However, there were some hot parts. J

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