Wednesday, July 17

Review: All That He Wants by Olivia Thorne

Title: All That He Wants
By: Olivia Thorne
Series: The Billionaire's Seduction part 1
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
Book Whisperer's Rating: 

Lily Ross was having another miserable day at work when tall, dark, and stunningly handsome walked in.

After hours.

With some very unusual requests.

When she's least expecting it, mysterious Connor Brooks turns Lily's world upside down and plunges her into a torrid, passionate love affair that might just ruin her life...

...or save it.

It took me a little while to get into the book mainly because it was focused around Lily and her jerk of a boss (and I didn’t like her boss.)  I felt like she was just an average character at the very beginning and I started to worry if I was going to like this book or not.  Then came Connor Brooks…….

Yeah, Connor brought a whole new side to the book and to Lily that made me enjoy reading each page.  His playfulness and seduction landed Connor on my new fictional boyfriend list. 

Connor brought out the best in Lily’s character and turned her from the normal secretary who was working late on a Friday night to a wild girl who sneaks up into the executive conference room for some “coffee.”  ßthat may or may not be code J

I have a feeling the rest of the series will be good…very good.

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