Monday, July 29

Cover Reveal: One of the Guys

Title: One of the Guys
By: Ashley Johnson

More about the book:
Samantha (Sam) Montgomery's life changed in an instant. One minute you think you know someone and the next they are a stranger. When forced to make a decision, she ended up alone. All. Alone. 

One step inside a gym was all it took. It was all she needed to get her on her feet. An escape in the ring. She was more determined than ever to move on, to forget her home life, to forget the guy she left behind. Until she saw those blue eyes.

Cole Johnson wants nothing more than to spend his time training and dominating in the ring. It's what he's good at. It's what he does. He has no desire to be entangled in a relationship. But one look at Sam and he's gone. 

Walls will be broken down, trust will be earned and love just may conquer. Or is she just One Of The Guys?

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