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Thursday, June 20

BookWhisperer Review: Breaking the Rules by Jennifer Lewis

Title: Breaking the Rules
By: Jennifer Lewis
My Copy: Ebook through Netgalley
BookWhisperer Rating:
2 Stars

A fortune teller predicted Joe Figueroa would meet the love of his life that very night, so he took fate by the horns and chose his wife. Now his marriage and his naval career are in ruins and he’s got a bone to pick with that psychic. When he tracks her down the haunting gypsy beauty doesn’t look a day older, just more entrancing than ever.

Did Joe choose the wrong woman to marry that night?

Susana Cigan barely recognizes the man whose fate she’d once seen linked with hers. Yet Joe awakens something inside her that stirs her body and threatens her psychic gift. She’s tired of her gypsy heritage confining her in a narrow world of tradition and superstition and knows she could lead this wounded and hostile stranger on a journey to redemption. Will she dare to follow her heart and venture into unfamiliar—and sensual—territory with this man who threatens to break all her rules?

I was thoroughly disappointed. This was a Netgalley read for me. It had caught my eye while I was perusing through new titles. I was anxious to check it out, but I quickly found this was not the whirl wind romance I had anticipated. Steamy and hot at moments, yes, but that was about where it ended. The story was not one that would stand alone, and be noticed. I must have a story to die for, and this just did not supply it for me. This did prove to be an easy going read and vaguely short, but if you are looking for something that you will remember. Something that will take your breath away, and leaving you demanding more. This is not it. ~BookWhisperer Reviewer JO~

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