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Review: Scarred by J.S. Cooper


Title: Scarred

By: J.S. Cooper

My Copy: Ebook for Netgalley

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three books

Everyone in Jonesville thought that Bryce Evans had the perfect life in High School: he was the Mayor's son, the quarterback for the football team, the boyfriend of the head cheerleader and had a 4.1 GPA. His acceptance to Notre Dame came as no surprise but when he chose to enlist in the army instead everyone was shocked.
Lexi Jones was the quiet girl in school and kept to her small group of eccentric friends. She had no connection to any of the popular kids except for one incident on Prom Night when her path crossed with Bryce's.
When Bryce enlisted Lexi was the only one that wasn't disappointed and decided to send him anonymous letters as a way to feel connected to him. She stopped after a year because she felt there was nowhere for their relationship to go.
Fast-forward four years and Bryce is back in Jonesville and once again he and Lexi cross paths. Only he's no longer the seemingly perfect man and Lexi's no longer the quiet girl.
This time their relationship is quite different but both of them have secrets from the past and friends that threaten to ruin their chance at happiness together.

our thoughts Scarred is a very short story at one 128 pages. The storyline follows a young woman that is living a life full of secrets. From her Mother’s known affair all the way to her hidden relationship with a Marine that she knew in high school. A secret even to him he is determined to find the mystery woman that has helped him through is tour overseas. This was a very predictable story, and it was easy to see the direction that it was taking. Even the slight love triangle mystery was predictable in its conclusion, and it is easy to see where book two will take readers. The overall story was easy to follow, yet slow at times, and it a quick enjoyable read. I still find myself interested in reading book to, but this was not the type of story that I find it in myself to ooooohhh and aaaahhh over. It is good for a simple and easy story that will take your mind on a journey.

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