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Review: Immortal Protector by Elizabeth Finn

Title: Immortal Protector
By: Elizabeth Finn
Series: The Immortals #1
My Copy: Ebook from Author
BookWhisperer's Rating: 3/5

Kidnapping, erased memories, and monsters that will not stay under the bed ignite the pages of this thrilling romance novel. Uncover the truth as a vampire, unable to control the fates when a little girl becomes a woman, finds his desire to possess her may be her doom.

Theirs was a forever love. At least it was supposed to be…

Truman and Ember met in a cold, dark basement on the day that was to be her last.

Kidnapped by a predator at ten years old, Ember wasn’t long for this world. But even Truman, a three-hundred-year-old vampire, was incapable of escaping his humanity with her.

He follows her through her life to ensure her safety, unable to stop fighting for the scared little girl he met so many years in the past.

Truman, like all others of his kind, has the ability to erase memories of himself, and he uses this ability to come in and out of Ember’s life while protecting her from the knowledge of his kind.

When Truman finally caves in to his desire for Ember, he is forced to take the most precious memory she holds. But he never imagined he’d lose his ability to return those memories. After Ember is attacked, Truman becomes responsible for a woman without a shred of remembrance of him or their long history together.

She doesn’t trust him, and he resents her cruelty toward him, but as much as she breaks his heart, he can’t give up on them. As Truman fights to win back her trust and remind her of just how good they are at falling in love, a threat looms closer and closer.

Can he save her once more from the clutches of a monster intent on destroying her? Or will her life be lost before her memories are ever found?

I have been a fan of Elizabeth Finn since I devoured Brother’s Keeper, Restoring Jordan, and Devil’s Pawn.  She is absolutely a wonderful writer and I was pumped to get my hands on Immortal Protector. To me, this book goes along with her other three books that I have read, a little on the dark side.  However, it was a completely different than what I was expecting.  It may have been a little too dark for me and it took me a while to get into the story and the characters but right around 50% of the book, it started heating up.  I guess I just love some drama. J 

Spoiler alert:
My favorite part was Ember couldn’t remember Truman after her turn and that unfamiliarity made her less willing to give into Truman’s charm.  She fights with him for the first time and that internal struggle of needing him for her livelihood but hating him intrigued me.  

The snippet about Angus for the second book in the series has me intrigued as well.

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