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Review: The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken

the bet

Title: The Bet

By: Rachel Van Dyken

My Copy: Ebook from Author

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"I have a proposition for you..."
Kacey should have run the minute those words left Seattle millionaire Jake Titus's mouth. Instead, she made a deal with the devil in hopes of putting her past behind her once and for all.
Four days.
She could do four days!
But she wasn't counting on Jake’s older brother Travis being there to witness their farce of an engagement.
One thing is for certain.
One brother is right for her.
One wants a lifetime.
And one is in league with the devil.
She should have gotten Jake’s signature in blood.

our thoughts With every Van Dyken title I find myself more and more in love with her stories. The Bet is yet another story about a young woman’s love of two brothers. Given this one had quite a variation to the story which added some very detailed past that added to the already complicated story. After finishing Tear I was anxious to get this story started, and while it concluded everything that I was anticipating the start of this story was a slow progression. I was wondering at moments if the story would be able to compare to that of what I just finished, but as we should expect from all great authors different stories have different paces. This one may have been a slow starter, but once we delved into the meat of the story all was forgotten. The story that followed was an intense and wonderful story. My next read is going to be Elite also by Van Dyken be on the lookout for it’s review soon.

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