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Review: Rock Chick Revenge by Kristen Ashley

Title: Rock Chick Revenge
By: Kristen Ashley
Series: Rock Chick #5
My Copy:
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Ava hates men, she has reason and she’s vowed not only never to get involved with another one again but also to exact vengeance on her best friend’s, lying, cheating husband. Since Luke, Ava’s childhood crush, is now a private investigator, she thinks to enlist him but changes her mind at the last second.

Too late, Luke knows she’s up to something and he’s already seen many a Rock Chick try to fight her own battles without the Hot Bunch stepping in. He’s having none of it. She’s having none of him. The clash of the Rock Chick and Hot Guy begins but Luke’s got the advantage. He has handcuffs and he’s not afraid to use them.

Contains spoilers…
This plot line, to me, has more twist and turns in it than the other Rock Chick books, heck, it might have more if you added them all up.  Rock Chick Revenge kept me highly satisfied with all the action, the drama, the miscommunication, and the love.  KA is awing me with her ability to write such awesome books.  She keeps getting better and better as time goes on and I just get sucked in to all of it.  I don’t think I noticed that life was happening around me while I was reading this book.  Brilliant!

I would like to say that Luke has lived up to all I have ever dreamed of and more!  You get a taste of him in Rock Chick Renegade but you get ALL of him in this book.  He is a man’s man!  Everything about him brought me chills.  When he first finds out Ava is in trouble, he takes action to fix it because he swears nothing is going to hurt her.  However, when she does get hurt, he goes so far off the wall that I can only label it as hot!  Everything about him is hot.  When they fight, he’s hot.  When they go at each other, he’s hot.  And when someone touches her, he’s pissed, which makes him hot.  He is by far my favorite in the Hot Guy group (if you couldn’t tell from my praises above.) 

I also enjoyed Ava’s character.  She has been in love with Luke since she was 8 years old and lost touch with him while battled her weight problems.  But when she walks back into Luke’s life, it is like she lite a fire in his soul.  There is something about them that just burns so brightly.

If I could book one KA book and turn it into a movie, so far, this would be the one; that is how fantastic it is.

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