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Review: Rock Chick Rescue by Kristen Ashley

rock chick rescue

Title: Rock Chick Rescue

By: Kristen Ashley

Series: Rock Chick Novel 2

My Copy: Ebook from Amazon

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Jet McAlister has a secret. Eddie Chavez has the hots for Jet (not to mention, Eddie's just, plain hot). Jet has too many problems to realize that Eddie's interested. Eddie loses patience when Jet ends her waitressing shift at a strip club with a knife at her throat. Since Eddie's a cop, he figures he can help. Since Jet's used to solving everyone's problems, she doesn't want Eddie's help. Throw in a Dolly Parton look-alike, a gruff but lovable strip club owner, Jet's ne'er-do-well father, his ne'er-do-well friend, Bear, Bear's long-suffering, chain-smoking wife Lavonne and the crew from Rock Chick and you've got Rock Chick Rescue. Rock Chick Rescue takes you on a wild ride with Jet, Eddie and the gang as they wrestle bad guys in a bagel shop, hit Denver's backstreet poker tables (with big hair), and help the strippers at Smithie's take down a would-be murderer. Through this, Jet's got to learn that, even when life made you give up your dreams, you can still end up with the (hot) guy. Eddie's got to rescue Jet from a bad man (so he can do better things with her) and teach her that some dreams can come true.

our thoughts

First off, how could I not like a book that features Jet’s father walking in and singing “Jet” by Paul McCartney & Wings? I gotta love it, it is Paul McCartney (and so super cute when her father sings it for her.) However, that is the only cute thing that he does in this book. Jet’s father has some bad men after him and he leads them right to Jet, which Eddie does not approve of, at all.

I will say the favorite part of this book (besides getting to read about all the sexy man character’s in action) was the first few chapters. I loved how KA set it up as a continuous fail for Jet with her actions towards Eddie. For Jet, Eddie was so attractive that she couldn’t think straight and always made a fool of herself while she was around. This leads her to just ignore him when he was in the room or remove herself from that room so she would not embarrass herself. But she still does it anyways. At a party, when Jet tells Eddie that she doesn’t like his type (and he takes it as a racist comment) my heart quickly traveled to my throat! I found myself saying, “No, Eddie, come back. I personally know that she didn’t mean it that way. I swear! Kristen Ashley, you better fix this and fix this fast because I wanted my sexy Eddie back.” And when he comes back, *shoo* he comes back ready to fight for his newly claimed woman. ß how could you not like that?!

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Heather Savage said...

I've read all of KA's books twice and I have to say this is one of my faves and Eddie is definitely one of my "book boyfriends" as apparently I'm supposed to call them. Love him!