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Blog Tour: For You by Mimi Strong

for you
For You
By: Mimi Strong
Series: Runaway Lies Trilogy
Released: April 17th, 2013
I should have known by the tattoos that Sawyer was trouble. My mother always said to stay away from boys with ink, but she ignored her own advice. She also abandoned me and my little sister.
Life's been hard for the two of us, on the run and on our own, but I just turned twenty-one and started working at a bar in a new city. I wear a fake wedding band and a veil of lies.
My gold ring didn't stop Sawyer. He looked into me with his heavenly green eyes, and I nearly forgot my pretty lies. Now he wants to help me get my life together.
I should stay away, because he could blow my cover. When we get found—and I know one day we will—I want my sister to be old enough to handle the truth about our past.
I may be hanging out with Sawyer, but we're definitely not dating. I swear, he's not setting me on fire with every glance or casual touch. We're just friends. I'm not thinking about him wrapping those tattooed arms around me, every second of every day

Mimi Strong

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Lastly for a close sneak peak at what’s to come. There is an excerpt for For You below.
Aubrey's POV:
I tightened my arms around Sawyer's torso, feeling him sway left and right as we made turns, me moving in harmony with him. It seemed very intimate, this riding a motorcycle together. I had to trust him, but he also had to trust me not to throw off the delicate balance.
My hands were sweating, despite the wind rushing around us. Was it the feeling of his muscular stomach under my forearms? Or of his strong back pressed against my chest? His body was warm, and a light sweat was forming underneath the front of my shirt, where his heat was radiating into me.
After a few minutes of riding, I was calm enough to look around more and admire the scenery. The trees looked more lush as we approached the water, and the houses turned into mansions with large lawns and new fences.
The rumble of the bike drowned out everything, until its roar became equivalent to silence in my head, drowning out the sounds of the city, but more importantly, drowning out my thoughts. I wasn't thinking about the pile of laundry at home, or what I was going to pack in Bell's lunch, or what I was going to do if she kept having problems at her new school.
For the moment, I was just a girl on the back of a motorcycle, heading to the beach with a cute guy.
When we got to the beach, Sawyer pulled into the parking area and turned the bike off. The sounds of the world returned, muted.
I let go of him and jumped off the bike, quickly yanking the front of my shirt repeatedly to get some air in there.
He rested the bike on the kickstand and swung his leg over with far more grace than I had. Reaching back, he fanned the back of his T-shirt as well. “Man, you are so hot, Aubrey.”
“Do you have a fever? Should we take you by the hospital?”
I stopped fanning my shirt and pulled the helmet off. I shook my hair out and rubbed at the red marks on my forehead that I could see reflected in Sawyer's mirrored shades.
He licked his lips. “That looks good.” He nodded toward a woman with two kids Bell's age walking by with drippy cones.
I said, “Gimme back my purse and I'll buy you an ice cream.”
It was past dinner time now, and a double-scoop cone looked like it would hit the spot. The kids with the ice cream stopped walking and stared at Sawyer. Was it the swirling seascape tattoos all over one forearm like a sleeve, or the smaller tattoo looping across the wrist of the other arm? Or were they looking at the ladies' purse he was only now taking off?
The mother shot me a dirty look and rushed them on their way. Why me? I wasn't the one with the tattoos. And besides, weren't tattoos normal nowadays? Why did people have to be such judgmental assholes?
I looked around at the young families and silver-haired retirees on the boardwalk. There were a lot of those brown slacks rich people wore. Maybe tattoos weren't so common in this area.
Sawyer handed my purse to me and pointed to the row of shops across the street from the boardwalk. A third of them seemed to sell ice cream, but he told me the very best one was off the beaten path, just down a side street.
“You know this area well?”
“I might.”
“How? Did you grow up around here? In a la-dee-da mansion like that?” I pointed up at a house perched on the hill behind the shops. The house next to it was a glass box, but this house had a circular column with a peaked roof, like a turret on a castle.
“I did.”
“Is your family rich or something?”
Grinning, he said, “Yes, we're very rich with dysfunction.”
I gazed up at the beautiful houses again. “Must be nice to look out over the ocean.”
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