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Monday, March 11

Review: Feral Instincts by Erin Ashley

feral instincts

Title: Feral Instincts

By: Erin Ashley

Series: The Feral Series Book 1

My Copy: Ebook from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

four books


A young woman robbed of her very life and everything she holds dear...
A rather gentle and soft hearted soul, Ava is content in her quiet little life. She has a good job and two friends that she loves dearly. She never suspected that it could all be taken from her in one fluttering heartbeat. Victim of a devious plot, Ava finds herself in the middle of a living nightmare. Taken captive by a monster, she awakes forever changed. Her life will never be the same again. Afraid of becoming a monster herself, she will have to learn to adapt to this brutal new world she has been thrust into. She will have to find the strength to embrace what she has become and to face her fears if she hopes to save herself and the beast who once saved her.
A man who's path has been chosen by fate...
Sent by his pack to help the vampires with a rogue uprising, Teagan agrees to help them track the rogue leader. As the future alpha of his Lykan pack his responsibilities are clear... that is until he rescues a fallen angel from a rogue vampire out for power and revenge. He knows he can never have her but her unmistakable pull is hard to resist as is the beast that resides within him.
They will have to put their reservations aside if they hope to survive what lies ahead. What would you sacrifice to save the person you love? Will the beast ultimately destroy the woman he would give his very life to protect? Sometimes we are forced to find strength we never knew we had in order to survive.

our thoughts finl

Erin Ashley style definitely comes across to me as a new and upcoming author. While I felt a few bumps and jostles alone the way; I can say that I look for to be something great. After working out the kinks with experience the only thing left is an amazing story, and even more impressive emotionally charged romance. Feral Instincts was positively addictive. Ava was just an average young woman that has been attempting to rebuild her life after the loss of her Mother, and only family. When she finds herself abducted by the a mysterious and scary man she is forced to accept the hidden underworld that she never knew exists. More importantly she now seems to be one of them. In que Teagan, (**sigh**) uber Werewolf; very bossy, very sexy, and down right amazing. As the story speeds ahead it seems Vampire and Werewolves are coming out of the wood work, and the friction between our two main characters become almost palpable. I was overwhelmed with the intensity coming out of these pages, but loved every minute of it. I can see the potential directions for more novels in this series, and anxiously awaiting reading each and every one. Every character detailed in story will leave a mark that begs to be scratched with their own story.

Name Plate Jackie

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