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Monday, March 4

Dream Cast and Review: Misguided Heart by Amanda Bennett

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misguided heart

Title: Misguided Heart

By: Amanda Bennett

Series: Misguided Series Book 1

My Copy: Ebook from Author

What if with one choice you could change your whole life in a matter of seconds?

Aston Boyd has always put everything into her work. She has never needed anyone in her life and has survived on her own since she was 18, never looking back. When she gets her dream promotion and becomes the new editor at one of the biggest publishing houses in Arizona, she thinks she has finally figured it all out.

But, when Aston receives an invitation to her first love's wedding, she starts to re-evaluate just how much she has given up for her career.

With a mission in mind to try and win back the one she let go, she never took in to consideration that what she might need, or even want, could be right in front of her.

Will she be willing to put her heart out there to get back the life she could have had, or will she try for something new?

Sloan Holden is the quintessential bad boy trying to cover all that up with his good boy act. He has spent the last 9 years trying to prove to his over bearing father that he can change his ways, and one day run his publishing house. The only thing standing in his way is the slew of fast women and his wild lifestyle, which he just can't seem to give up. He doesn't do relationships and always vowed to stay single forever.

A lot can change when the one person you thought you would never fall for worms their way into your heart, but will the feelings be returned?

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Oh, my.  I want nothing more than to start a book and fall in love with it.  I want to be so wrapped up in the characters that I forget my life exists.  This did NOT happen for me in this book.  I could not get into the characters; I didn’t even get to know them.  They highly annoyed me and were extremely wishy-washy.  One moment they wanted each other, the next they didn’t.  I couldn’t keep up.  Sloan would one minute rock her world then leave her in the middle of the night.  Next morning, he would make-out attack her in the elevator and then go back to not wanting a relationship with her.  I wanted them to make up their mind and stick with it.

I also didn’t understand why Ashton would attend a wedding to where it seemed like EVERYONE (besides the groom) hated her.  Why would you put yourself through that torture?  How could someone not expect it to go well when the groom’s mother hates you, the bride hates you, and the groom’s men hate you? 

Also, there were so many guys that hung all over Ashton that I could not keep them straight.  I knew who Sloan and Nole were but the rest just kind of bled into each other.  But then, there was Sloan who kept sleeping with others girls during this book while he was fighting with jealously about the other guys attracted to Ashton.  Hey pot, it’s the kettle.

Normally, I would give this book a star; that is it.  However, it had some really hot scenes and the stunt the Sloan pulled closer to the end (at the party) was something that I did not see coming and it surprised me…so this book is getting 2 stars.

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