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Monday, February 4

Review: Compromising Positions by Tacie Graves

making mina 3

Title: Compromising Positions

By: Tacie Graves

Series: Making Mina Book 3

My Copy: Ebook from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:


Mina Hemingway should feel like Cinderella. She's been given a dream job, flown to Italy, and swept off her feet by a modern Prince Charming, but things aren't always what they seem. The reality of it is that the Genovese matriarch hates her, no one believes she can do the job she's been hired to do, and her ego is in tatters. The only thing giving her confidence is Marco Genovese's faith in her.
His promises are seductive, and the sexual attraction between them explosive, but when Mina finds Marco in the arms of another woman she has to choose: believe what he says, or what she saw with her own eyes, and the battle between heart and mind leaves both of them in danger of losing the most important thing in their lives.

our thoughtsJust what I have come to expect with Making Mina Books! Compromising Positions is book three of the Making Mina series. Mina and Marco have found comfort in their easy relationship. With the progression of their relationship they now find themselves in Italy to secure part of his collection. As the days pass things are shifting and transforming, and everything seems to be stemming from the introduction of family has not went as smoothly as anticipated. Now feeling like a stranger, and a fake, Mina is struggling with the her position with Marco both professionally and personally. Just when the tension seems stretched to the limit everything comes crumbling down on top of this couple. This books did not portray as much of the incredible intensity that I have loved, but it was still a great story for this series. I don’t know what is to come, but I am definitely sold on this authors style.

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