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Sunday, February 24

Review: The Arrangement 3 by H.M. Ward

Sexy love couple

Title: The Arrangement 3

By: H.M. Ward

Series: The Arrangement Book 3

My Copy: Amazon Copy

BookWhisperer Rating:

five books

Sex isn't love, but it feels like it--that is until Sean bolts from the room. For a moment, everything seemed fine. Avery's life didn't feel so impossible. She got the guy and the money, but then everything shifts. The line between reality and fantasy gets hazy. It's impossible to know if her feelings are genuine or just an illusion.
To make matters worse something from Sean's past surfaces. Devastated, Avery realizes that Sean isn't the guy that she thought he was. Avery's heart can't take another loss and this time, it looks like she's going to lose everything.

our thoughts finl

This dark and alluring book just took it a step further. The Arrangement are a compilation of several sort stories that offer a glimpse at the overall storyline. Avery’s attempt at the dark and troubling lifestyle has been very accepting with Sean as her partner. The more time she spends with him; she discovers that she may have found someone with just as many skeletons in the closet as her own. As the story progresses the two seem to find comfort in the other. That is until one terrible night where everything changes. This story alone as transformed the story, and I have no idea where it will go from here. With book four not out I will be waiting to see what will become of Sean and Avery. It is apparently obvious that this couple could find a way to overcome all of their demons together, but with each decision the consequences will be monumental to overcome.

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