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Saturday, February 2

Blog Tour: Shadowguard Series by Michelle Zink

temptations heat
Title: Temptation’s Heat
By: Michelle Zink
Series: Shadowguard #1
My Copy: Ebook for Blog Tour
BookWhisperer Rating:

three books

Temptations Kiss
Title: Temptation’s Kiss
By: Michelle Zink
Series: Shadowguard #2
My Copy: Ebook for Blog Tour
BookWhisperer Rating:

three books

Temptation’s Heat
When Rowen Black is assigned to the elite unit of angelic assassins known as the Shadowguard, he thinks his biggest challenge will be overcoming his less-than-stellar reputation. But that’s before he meets his match in Scarlet Montgomery.

Beautiful, strong, and with a temper to match Rowen’s own, Scarlet is focused on the Shadowguard and her possible future as its leader. She’s become an expert at keeping her personal life separate from the Guard, all too aware that as the boss’s daughter, fellow warriors see her not as someone to be respected, but as someone to be protected.
Avoiding entanglements gets a lot harder when Rowen saunters into the room. Rowen puts the bad in "bad boy." Their connection is hot, visceral, and instantaneous.
When the pair are assigned to a joint investigation, they come face-to-face with their undeniable attraction, forcing Scarlet to consider that the connection is not only physical, but a destiny written in the halls of time.
Temptation’s Kiss
Lily Montgomery is perfectly happy taking care of everyone else. That is, until her friendship with Shadowguard warrior, Kane Dawson, begins to blossom into something more.

But Lily has a secret. One that will keep her from ever making her feelings known to Kane.
One of the Shadowguard’s fiercest warriors, Kane has a soft spot for Lily. A long-standing member of the Shadowguard, he can’t figure out when his feelings for Ambrose Montgomery’s youngest daughter morphed from brotherly affection into desire and an unfamiliar longing that feels a lot like love.

Kane holds himself in check knowing that Lily deserves better. A man in a suit, dinner at six every night, rosy-cheeked children who won’t have to worry that their father might be killed by one of the Legion’s wraiths.

But when the pair are thrown together by a set of circumstances beyond their control, they are forced to confront their growing passion and decide if love is worth the risk of baring it all.
our thoughts finlBook One
Lots of Potential!!! I feel that that one thing major hindered this story, and I am just going to through it right out there. WAY TOO SHORT! The amazing talent of this author was portrayed through this incredibly rushed and pressured novella. With skills such as this; just imagine what she would be capable of with more time. I was so impressed, but so let down that things such as character development and relationships were lacking due to the fast nature of the story. Scartlet is one bad Momma!!! I loved this character, although, I am a huge fan of strong heroines. Rowan is nothing, but mouthwatering goodness. I was drawn to both of them, so incredibly that it was even more apparent that we were rushing them. All I can I hope for in the future is a marathon, not a sprint. Zink is quite talented, and it is apparent as it overflows from each and every page. Give the story time to blossom, but it feels like we are cutting it off as a bud.
Book Two
DID IT AGAIN! Everything I said about book one is just continued in this second novella. While it was even more enjoyable after having had the opportunity of learning about the characters in book one; with this book being difficult characters in a lot of aspects it was still lacking depth. So much potential packed in this tiny books. They just need a little more room to spread their wings, and you could have an AMAZING series. I also had a unique opportunity here because being the second book I could compare. The author should really be careful with repetition. Especially in the romance scenes they a little too alike. These are two entirely different pairs of characters, so you must be careful to build them as such. I will definitely take the time to read the next installment for this series of short stories, but I would love a future series that allows Zinks talents to really shine.

Check out a note from the author below:
Hers, Mine, Yours
I think writers are fickle by nature. Exhibit A; every story is amazing until about the 10,000 word mark when doubt starts to creep in. By 15,000 words, we’ve usually decided the idea sucks and we’d be better of spending our time on shiny new idea #376, 893.
Exhibit B? Point of view.
Like a boy crazy teenager, I fall in and out of love with different points of view. With the PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS trilogy, I was completely enamored with First Person Present.  Everything was so immediate! So urgent! It was perfect for Prophecy, a story in which I wanted the reader to feel like they WERE Lia, discovering clues and uncovering secrets right along with her. We made every move with her, thought every thought as she did, and I’m pretty sure that was a big part of the immersion many readers describe when reading it.
But then a new boy came to town; Third Person Past. Unlike FPP, TPP was dreamy and a little unapproachable, fiction’s POV bad boy. What better way to tell A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS, a steampunk-esque story set in Victorian London? From its very first pages, Temptation has a kind of fairy-tale quality. Telling it in the Third helped set that tone, and as I wrote, I could almost hear a proper British lady reading aloud.
This POV held my attention for awhile, as bad boys often do. I also used it when writing THIS WICKED GAME (November 2013), which is about voodoo and set in New Orleans. As with Temptation, TPP gave me an opportunity to describe New Orleans and the dark, mysterious world of voodoo with an otherworldly tone.
By now I was firmly in the throes of TPP obsession. It was like Tom Hardy was my boyfriend; even Tom Sturridge wouldn’t have turned my head.
But the Shadowguard series presented a new challenge; I wanted to tell each story from both a male and female point of view. I wanted the reader to hear about Scarlet, Lily, and Maggie’s attractions to Rowen, Kane, and Ivan. But I also wanted the reader to know what the men were thinking.
Because let’s face it, nothing’s hotter than a smokin’ man lusting and Alpha-maling after the only woman who can tame him.
It took me awhile to find the voice of my male characters. I’d been writing females for so long in YA that it was weird to a guy’s voice in my head. But once it was there, it was THERE. And let me tell you, there are worse things than hearing a hot guy in your head 24/7. In fact, if this is a sign of psychosis, I don’t want to be cured.
Now, as I chip away at my first full-length adult novel, I can’t help wondering; was I right to start it in First Person Past? Because I ran into my bad boy at the supermarket yesterday, and I have to say, TPP is looking kind of hot all over again. ;)
Name Plate Jackie

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