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Tuesday, January 15

Review: Wilde Ride by Maegan Lynn Moores

wilde ride

Title: Wilde Ride

By: Maegan Lynn Moores

Series: Ride Book 2

My Copy: Ebook from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

four books

An embarrassing run-in leaves her wanting more.
Ella Scott, ready for a change and the chance to escape family tragedy, heads to familiar Del Mar, California after her college graduation.
No one could prepare her for what she’d find.
After starting her new job as a high school teacher, a scary encounter with local thugs and a co-worker’s unwanted advances and attention, send Ella into the arms of local bar owner Ryder Wilde.
But Ryder comes with his own complications. As president of his motorcycle club, Mayhem, Ryder must choose between his biker family’s plans and whatever chance of a future he has with Ella.

our thoughts finl

Who loves a BAD BOY???? Anyone that loves a home town bad boy this is your book. Ella and Ryder are scorching hot. I was breathless for 90% of this book! The first few chapters of this book seems a little rocky, and I not entirely sure why. I could be the abruptness of Ella and Ryder blossoming relationship, that so immediate was a little hard to fully accept. I felt a little overwhelmed and felt that it was more pushed at me than a natural emotion. For a full length story this seemed entirely unnecessary, and could have been easily overcome with just a little more detail and building to the relationship. Although, once the romance is in full swing it was also easily forgotten. The story that ensues was action packed and addictive. It is just what every woman would fantasize: a gorgeous bad boy that does nothing, but love and protect you. *SIGH* From the very start Ryder is immediately loved; everything about him is accepted from the scary raging man to the sweet and gentle lover. Ella was not as easily accepted, and I found her character to be slightly annoying in the beginning. I am not your typical girl, and I can not stand a whiner or a priss. Upon introduction Ella was both of these traits in abundance. Fortunately, I think this was the point, as the story continues she finds herself falling comfortably in her "GI JANE" alter ego. I immediately fell in love with everything about her from this point on. I think I actually stood up, and cheered when she stands up for herself in the bar. It was a liberating and empowering moment for her character, and I loved every minute of it. Wrapping up this story was heart wrenching. Good Job for that Maegan you almost had me in tears. Any rate, after having finished and reflecting on the story that I just read this was incredible. Even with the quirks it was everything I would hope for and more. Not only for the storyline and its characters, but it appeared as the though the further the story the more comfortable the author became. I was truly astounded by raw talent that I see throughout, and I am absolutely going to be reading more of her work. It was easily predicted that a future novel would evolve from sub characters, and I must say that I was thrilled to see it has happened. I am probably just as excited about them as I was the main characters for this novel. This guarantees an absolutely incredible sequel!
~BookWhisperer Reviewer JO~

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