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Friday, January 18

Review: Heavy Issues by Elle Aycart

Heavy Issues

Title: Heavy Issues

By: Elle Aycart

Series: Bowen Brother’s Series Book 2

My Copy: Ebook from Publisher

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Steering clear of relationships has never been difficult for demolitions expert Cole Bowen, but now, with his brother's engagement sending the female population into full-blown hysterics and the town of Alden's month-long festivities helping along, he finds himself in hell. When he discovers Alden's new resident and the object of all his wet dreams, Christine Sheridan, has sworn off relationships and is going to hire a gigolo to get professionally laid, he decides to kill two birds with one stone.
Christy is so not drinking again. Thanks to José Cuervo she has her friends signing her up for stud conventions and Cole frigging Bowen offering sex in exchange of fake dates, which is so out of the question it isn't even funny. She knows the domineering man will push her boundaries, and after battling all her life with self-esteem issues, she isn't ready for that. Too bad he won't take no for an answer.
Cole is determined to strip away all of her defenses but refuses to lower his ever-present walls, so when Christy realizes she wants more, she's left with only two options; walk away or crack his shield and risk her heart in the process.

our thoughts

Heavy Issues continues her series of powerful love stories in this second installment. Elle Aycart is a talented author of lust and love. Her talented writing teeters on that very fine line between two intense and consuming emotions that can prove difficult when trying to present a captivating and inspiring love story. Just as I completely and hopelessly fell in love with Tate and James I found myself overwhelmed yet again with these amazing characters. I had wondered with such an incredible debuting novel if book two would accomplish the same momentum and intrigue. Rest assured that not only will this second book take you on another thrilling ride, but it is completely independent, and just as truly incredible from start to finish. Aycart proves it is not only possible to create powerful and captivating story, but she almost makes it look easy. I must admit there are some drastic difference between More than Meets the Ink and Heavy Issues. Although, this seems very fitting when introduced to these very different characters. Don't worry Cole and Christy are just as addictive and lovable, but they are nothing like we had come to love with James and Tate. Where James's story was intense and fun; this was not just a story to enjoy the ride. There are some hard pressed emotions in these pages that fits perfectly with this seriously intense characters. I look forward to seeing what will come in the future of the Bowen Brother's series. I think I can safely predict the future of the next novel, but I am still lacking the confirmation of my hunch. So here is to my patiently waiting, if that were even possible!!!

Author Highlight

After having had the pleasure of experience two of these author great books I would like to share more about her, and where to find her. Check out the bio and links below for more on Elle Aycart.

elleaycart portrait

After a colorful array of jobs all over Europe ranging from translator to chocolatier to travel agent to sushi chef to flight dispatcher, Elle Aycart is certain of one thing and one thing only: aside from writing romances, she has abso-frigging-lutely no clue what she wants to do when she grows up. Not that it stops her from trying all sorts of crazy stuff. While she is probably now thinking of a new profession, her head never stops churning new plots for her romances. She lives currently in Barcelona, Spain, with her husband and two daughters, although who knows, in no time she could be living at the Arctic Circle in Finland, breeding reindeer.
Elle loves to hear from readers!

o Twitter - @AycartElle

More Than Meets the Ink

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