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Friday, January 25

Review: The Beholder by Leanore Elliott

the beholder

Title: Leanore Elliott

By: Leanore Elliott

My Copy: Ebook from Amazon

BookWhisperer Rating:


Trace Victors lived her life as a cold Hit Woman; she loved the game of the hunt, but this would be her last hit. She spotted hit number fifty through her scope. The man stood tall and well built, from his dark head and wide shoulders, to his long, firm legs.Turning his head, his face came into clear view of her scope. His profile showed a definite handsome face—a semi-bronze tan, firm jaw line and dark, wavy hair. Trace held her breath while his intense, green eyes glared back at her.
The hunter became the hunted as the game turned on her. Only this target played by different rules.She found that the chase would be short and possibly deadly, because target number fifty wasn't a normal man.
She didn't know it yet, but The Beholder was about to change her life...

our thoughts WHY SO SHORT?? While even though everything about this short story fits perfectly into its small size I was sad to see it come to a close. I shocked out how wonderful the story was built. Never knowing who to trust, and what is actually happening was quite an interesting rollercoaster. The suspense and intrigue was built perfectly in this mystery. I remained on the edge of my seat throughout the length of this story, and my only wish was that it would continue.  This only succeeded in building my desire for more from this author. I can’t wait to see if I can find more.

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Wicked Leanore said...

Thank you so much BookWhisperer. How wonderful to see The Beholder understood, lol. Some readers didn't get that the Mystery of Gabriel was on purpose and gave the story it's paranormal twist.
I really needed this great review right about now. I have 15 other novels.
I appreciate the time you took and how you displayed the review so beautifully here on your wonderful blog.

Sheri Fredricks said...

I've read a few of Leanore Elliott's books, but now I want to read The Beholder. Great review!