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Thursday, December 20

Review: Naught or Nice by Kari Lee Harmon

naughty or nice

Title: Naughty or Nice

By: Kari Lee Harmon

My Copy: Ebook from Amazon

BookWhisperer Rating:

three books


Being nice is safe, and being naughty is overrated, but getting McScroogy to find the joy in Christmas is beginning to sound oh so merry.
Samantha Darling, Boston advertising executive, has spent her life making a list and checking it twice, but she’s through being nice. All being nice got her was a broken heart when her fianc√© cheated on her last Christmas Eve, ruining her favorite holiday, and then ran off with the small town boutique owner. After one too many All Powerful Peppermintinis, Samantha decides to give naughty a try. She breaks into the shop in Redemption Massachusetts and puts her spin on the Christmas display in the front window. Only, the window doesn’t belong to Stowe’s Boutiques, it belongs to Snow’s Antiques, and Nathan Snow is none too pleased. This was his year to win the Best Christmas Window display contest against his rival, but Samantha ruined it. While he might not like Christmas, he knows winning this contest will bring in business. He makes Samantha a deal. Create a winning display by Christmas Eve, and he won’t press charges. Samantha has no choice but to agree and has learned her lesson, but finds a bonus in her punishment. The challenge of getting the scrooge to find the joy in Christmas. Except losing her heart wasn’t part of the deal.

our thoughts finl

During the Christmas season, I love the Hallmark channel. I record every new Christmas movie and just wiggle down in my couch so that I can enjoy it. These movies are filled with such cute couples and interesting ways a relationship starts. That is exactly what this book is; a Hallmark movie but with a steamier side.
How Samantha and Nathan meet is a new twist in my mind. They didn’t meet at a bar, or through friends, etc. They met because Samantha destroyed his window display and instead of pressing charges, Nathan makes her stay the week before Christmas to rebuild a winning window.
This is where the Hallmark charm comes in. They hate each other at first. They can’t get along at all. But while working together, things change. Attitudes change and lust comes knocking at the door.
I am totally asking Santa for a Nathan Snow.

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