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Wednesday, December 19

Review: Disarm Series by June Gray

disarm series

Disarm Box Set
Series: Disarm Books 1-6
Released 2012
My Copy: Ebooks from Amazon
BookWhisperer Series Rating:

 four books

Disarm Synopsis from Book 1:

Even the deepest secrets always find a way to surface...

26-year-old Elsie Sherman has had a crush on her brother's best friend, Henry Logan, since she was twelve years old. Unfortunately, Henry has only ever treated her like a younger sister, stepping into her brother's shoes after he was killed in action.

That is, until one night, when one dance ignites a sensual fire between the two, leaving Elsie aroused and confused. Is she allowed to lust after her surrogate big brother who also happens to be her roommate?

But Henry, an Air Force officer, has been harboring two secrets--one will bring them together and the other will tear them apart--and it is up to Elsie to decide if their relationship is worth fighting for.

The synopsis above is for the first book in the Disarmed Series; there are a total of six.

our thoughts finl

I bought the first book on a whim; it sounded good.  I zoomed through it and bought the rest of the series that was out (which was the fifth book at that time.)  I will admit that I stalked websites to see when the sixth book was going to be released because I needed my fix of Henry and Elsie.

Elsie and Henry have that kind of friendship that most long for.  They have the kind of friendship that takes an extra step and turns into a hot romance.  They have that hot romance that swells your heart with the love that they feel for each other.  It works you up with the tension between them and it plummets your soul when the perfect romance turns out not-so-perfect. 

But what is so beautiful about this relationship is that they fight for it.  Now when you read this, you might not agree, but in the end, I hope you see what I saw; this relationship wasn’t easy but they sure as heck were in love enough to ride out the rough waves.

This series made me wish I had a brother so that I could send him off to the Air Force and he could be-friend a man like Henry.

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Thank you for the review!