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Saturday, November 3

Review: Sangria Nights: Full Circle by Beverly Cialone

sangria nights full circle

Title: Sangria Nights Full Circle

Series Book Three of Sangria Nights Trilogy

My Copy: Ebook from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

two books

Twelve years have gone by since September Dawn was born. For September, life is normal living with her Aunt Lacy. But when Mark and Lara show up unannounced at September and Lacy's home in Montana, it unleashes a torrent of emotions, as well the secrets that have been kept for so many years.

our thoughts finl After the endless drive throughout this series, this was not the book that I had anticipated. Everything that had been built in the past two books was crushed from the start of this third installment.

Over the past two books I have grown a deep love for the characters of the story. Although, not in this book I am still reeling from the turn of events with Luke. That was tremendously out of character, and I was astounded by his journey end. I know that shock and betrayal does interesting things to a person, but it just seemed a little over the top. From book one it has appeared that their is a repetitive display of characters having underlying mental instability. First with Marissa, and her depression; while understandable it was the first presence in this series. Second, we have the Luke melt down which totally changes the story. Lastly, in this novel Lara falls apart this falls right into the category of repetition that I had expressed concern over in the first book. At some point readers will sit back, and say what is wrong with these people.

Along with the change in Lara’s character, Mark is a totally different person in this novel as well. After the build up of such a loving and compassionate man it was another shock to see him in this new light. The romance between Lara and Mark was displayed as unintentional, but yet real and intense. It was a shock to have this book crush that with the development of Mark’s character. This totally made me she him in a different light, and really changed my impression of him.

Also, after loving and sympathizing with Lara’s emotions throughout this book displays her almost like a villain. This was overpowering for me as well. After having built her up so much in book one and two I have a love for that character that we are just completely throwing out the window.

Everything in this one book as made me question the entire series. I was not happy with the outcome, and I felt that this book was more of a rush than anything. The developments of Mark melding with Lacy and September’s little family was so spontaneous that is was almost unnatural. I think that this book needed a little more time and interest to complete the story effectively.

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