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Sunday, November 18

Review: Falling for Nick by Joleen James


Title: Falling for Nick
By: Joleen James
Genre: Adult Romance
My Copy: Ebook copy from Author
BookWhisperer Rating:

four books


It’s taken Clea Rose ten years to get over the one night she spent with bad boy Nick Lombard—a night of teenage passion that produced her son, and sent Nick to prison for murder. Now, with her life finally back on track, Clea’s about to marry a wonderful man and leave town for a promising career in New York. The last thing she expects is Nick’s return and the intense feelings he stirs within her.

Sent to prison for a murder he didn’t commit, Nick Lombard comes home to the tiny town of Port Bliss to attend his mother’s funeral, but he doesn’t count on running into Clea. Seeing her reminds him of everything he’s tried to forget, and everything he longs to remember. When Nick learns Clea is about to marry the man who sent Nick to prison, he knows he must stay and fight for the family he was forced to leave behind.

Against all odds, Nick and Clea must find their way back to the summer they were young lovers on the beach in Port Bliss, realizing that together their love is strong, strong enough to survive anything, even the web of lies that separated them ten years ago.

our thoughts finlI was so excited to hear from this author, and have the opportunity to have the first official review for this title. Falling For Nick is a tail spin of lies and betrayals all wrapped up into one love story. Clea and Nick were always fighting against all odds from the very start. Him being a rough neck from the wrong side of town, and her being the prestigious daughter that was born with a silver spoon. One night of unadulterated passion leads to wrong place at the wrong time. The result has left Nick with a ten year prison sentence, and Clea has spent the last ten years raising their son alone. What was once considered to be young and in love is about to be proven wrong yet again.Even with Clea engaged Nick is determined for fight for his family. What he felt ten years ago is no comparison to the love that he has discovered of the past ten years. Although, he didn’t anticipate that years Clea has spent trying to get over the heart break that was left in wreckage, but she will soon learn that hiding from your feelings hasn’t made them go away. This is an awesome read for mothers with our deep seeded love for family and children. Falling for Nick is a web of lies, and as they begin to unravel everyone and everything will be in touched as the debris settles.

Name Plate Jackie

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