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Wednesday, October 17

Review: What Are Friends For? by Lynn LaFleur

what are friends for

Title: What Are Friends For?

By: Lynn LaFleur

Genre: Adult Erotica

My Copy: Ebook from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

three books

Erin Snyder has given up on men. No matter how hard she tries, the men she dates never want to develop a relationship with her. She has to be doing something wrong, but has no idea what. She decides only her best friend Luke Duvall can help her.
Luke can't believe Erin's suggestion that they have sex. He's known her for four years and they're best friends. No matter how alluring or attractive he finds her, he doesn't want to mess up their friendship by bringing sex into it.
A combination of a hot evening, a cool swimming pool, and steamy conversation breaks down Luke's reservations. He and Erin spend a night in each other's arms.
Doubts plague both of them the next morning. If they take a risk on falling in love, it will either change their friendship into something more precious, or destroy it forever.

our thoughts finl

Sometimes we all wonder if that guy we are best friends with could be anything more than just friends. LaFleur takes that wonder and weaves it into a book that will make you start to feel a little hot.
Such a quick, little cute read that will make you long for a guy friend like Luke on so many different levels. He is so sweet to her when she needs comforting and then when she finally breaks him down, he is sweet to her on a whole other realm.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer MC~

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