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Saturday, September 29

Review: Triple Shot by Ava Riley

triple shot

Title: Triple Shot

By: Ava Riley

Released: August 8th, 2012

My Copy: Ebook from Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

three books

About the Story:

Susan Lismore, a staff writer for a local newspaper, has always been an easy go lucky person with little to worry about in her life. That is until her mother’s Alzheimer starts to take its toll not only on her mother, but on Susan also. To make matters worse, she’s faced with the loneliness of her life after the wedding of her friend, Tessa Worth. So many around her have found love, while she has sat by and watched with no success of her own in the love department. Her once carefree personality is put to the test with the trials of life and she finds herself failing miserably. That is until sexy Josiah Hunter makes appearance in Long Beach.

Josiah is an old college buddy of Cade and Rowan’s and after spending time in the Marines and in Afghanistan, he shows up in Long Beach for a long overdue reunion with the two of them. The gang hits their old stomping ground, The Launchpad, his first night back with the intention of throwing back a few beers and having a few laughs. Rowan quickly informs Josiah that Tessa has invited a friend along to hang out with him. Josiah puts little thought into it never thinking for a moment that the friend Tessa invited would be the one woman who yanks at his heart and body.

The turmoil in Susan’s life makes it difficult for her to find happiness, even after a night of passion with Josiah. When tragedy strikes Susan’s life, Josiah reaches out to comfort her, but the guilt she feels won’t grant him the access he’s looking for. Only the separation of miles reveals to them both that what they share is real, no matter what life has thrown in their direction.

our thoughts finl

“Triple Shot” contains chapters that switch back and forth between the two main characters Josiah and Susan. From the moment they meet, there is instant attraction on both sides. However, Susan refuses to give in while Josiah is ready to shake things up. And after reading this book, I would let Josiah shake things up.

Speaking of shaking things up, Riley adds to the plot by including Josiah and Susan’s friends that keep the book entertaining. All the characters messed well together and made this book and quick and easy read.

The only downfall (in my eyes) was the Susan was just too head-strong. She was set in her ways of not giving into Josiah’s advances or letting anyone into her life to help out with what was going on. I know it would have put a different spin on the book if she were to open up, but it could have put a more romantic spin on “Triple Shot” if Josiah had been able to be by her side.

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