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Sunday, June 3

Review: Enduring Kiss by C.E. Black

enduring kiss

Title: Enduring Kiss

By: C.E. Black

My Copy: Ebook from Author

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More about this book:

Jessica's worked for Lucas (Master vampire) for three years as a feeder and has kept her feelings for him a secret. She wants their relationship to stay professional so she can continue to hide her nightmares. When Lucas starts getting closer Jessica is forced to face her past or leave. Some think that's for the best and will do anything to get Jessica away from her Master. Will Jessica finally exept the love that's being offered or will she continue to hide behind the scars of her past, keeping her away from the family she's never had?

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Enduring Kiss was a very fresh and twisted look at a Vampire Romance. A young woman with a terrible life that becomes a servant for a Vampire is not one that we have visited before. Although, this was perfectly fitting for this young girl with a brutally traumatic past. She hides the evidence daily when she dresses to cover the scars that mar part of her body, but with Lucas help she will learn to overcome the binding that continue to control her. With no family to turn to it is easy to see where she would find comfort in seemly strange career, but the situation offers danger free home, and a safe warm bed. Readers will come to understand and accept Jessica's life style with ease; even finding hope that she will finally find peace in her Master's home. As the story trudges on it is easy to get caught up in the brief encounters that will form our bond for Lucas and Jessica. This was a very short story, and moves at an incredibly fast pace. Regretfully, this is the part where I found an issue. Detail seems to be lacking throughout the story in effort to keep pace. Jessica was well described and laid out for readers, but most of the other characters still remained a mystery. From the start of this story, readers are aware of the three prior years of employment, but not much else. So, the abrupt shift for Jessica and Lucas was not as gratifying for the reader. Feeling the potential pouring from this book I was saddened by lack of detail for Lucas, and the building relationship between Jessica and him. I think that this could have been a story that wraps you in so tightly, but with the remaining mystery I was unable to fully grasp the characters. Please do feel that this proved a failure, because this book still offers an exceptional read. The conclusion was awesome, and it was refreshing to see Jessica in blissful happiness. With such a dark and brutal story I am excited to see her happy ending.
Overall, I found this story to sharp and abrupt. It seemed as though the author was creating a longer story, but with cutting some corners that will hold back the true potential of this book. Otherwise, it I loved the characters and thrill included with this romance. C.E. Black is not afraid to test readers emotions, and I see some great talent coming through. I am aware that Enduring Kiss is the first to this series, and I will definitely be checking out book two.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer JO~

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