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Thursday, May 24

Review: If I Can’t Have You by Lauren Hammond

if i cant have you

Title: If I Can’t Have You

By: Lauren Hammond

Publisher: S. B. Addison Books (January 31st, 2012)

My Copy: Ebook from the Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

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About the Book:

One is lonely. Three is a crowd.
Robin Mason has never been the same since Drake Robertson, a hot lifeguard at her family's yearly vacation spot saves her from drowning. Ever since that day she's never let another guy hold a candle to him. She's idolized him and has been waiting for the day where they can go from Facebook friends to more. Much, much more.
Flash-forward three years and Robin isn't the same tween Drake rescued from the deep blue sea. She's college bound, curvy, and finally ready to take what she wants most--Drake.
But not if Drake's brother Elliot has anything to say about it.
Robin is torn between what's right and what's wrong, her head and her heart, and two brothers that are simply irresistible. But who will she choose? Safe, sweet, Elliot? Or the hot, smoldering, Drake?
Two brothers. One Girl. One choice. So which will it be?

review plateRobin has spent her life her life dreaming up a fantasy that she may just find falling at her feet. Her family has been vacationing at the same beach house for as long as she can remember. After her near drowning experience, when she was fifteen, she has spent every summer wishing for the one thing that was just out of her reach. That one thing just happens to be her knight in shining armor and lifeguard rescuer. Drake is always at the forefront of Robin’s mind. She looks forward to the chance summer encounters with the hopes that one year he will notice her as more than the “kid”, that he has nicknamed her since her near drowning. The summer following her senior year she is right back at the same beach house with the same dreams. Only when she runs into the gorgeous and heart stopping Drake; she notices immediately that he no longer looks at her like the “kid”, and from that point on her fantasies begin to form her reality.  The only problem is that she also finds that her chance encounter a few weeks earlier while college visiting is none other than Drake brother Eliot. As the story begins building it is obvious that Robin’s perfected dream was much better than reality. When Drake proves less than perfect, Robin will have to learn to let go of her fantasies, and accept reality. Or is she looking in the wrong direction.

This was a great story about watching a young girl become a woman. It was relatable, and easy to feel your way through the story. The emotional rollercoaster will catapult readers through with little to no effort. I recommend this read for young adults, and adult that enjoy a good romance.


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