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Review: Sweet Temptation by Anara Bella

sweet temptation

Title: Sweet Temptation

By: Anara Bella

Publisher: Samhain Publishing (December 6th, 2011)

My Copy: Ebooks provided by the Author

Bookwhisperer Rating:

four stars

About the Book:

Suddenly, “resistance is futile” has a whole new meaning. Lusting after the wrong woman can be pure torture, especially when the sexy siren falls into the do-not-touch-ever category. The smart move is to resist, unless the heart has other plans… Ready or NotWhen Brianna agreed to fill in as the stripper at a bachelor party, she didn’t expect to see the man she’s wanted for years. Suddenly, baring all isn’t such a hot idea. Quinn is certain Brianna’s the last person he should be lusting after. But lust he does—with a vengeance. Batteries Not RequiredIn Dana’s experience, boring sex and long-term relationships go hand-in-hand. She’s on a mission to find bedroom excitement and she knows just the man to give it to her. Dana’s proposal to have a fling is right up Reese’s alley. But once Reese has Dana in his arms, he decides to tempt her into turning their fling into something more. Brazen or BustDetermined to make Logan see her as more than his honorary kid sister, Nica undergoes a sexy makeover and adopts a feisty new attitude. Logan’s not sure what happened to the tomboy he’s known for years, but this brazen sex kitten is an enticing treat he shouldn’t touch… Warning: This book contains seductive stripping, a teensy bit of handcuff play, the inappropriate use of furniture, feisty women determined to seduce and sexy hunks bowled over by temptation. All of which leads to some smokin’ hot graphic sex

review plate **For Mature Readers**

This compilation of short stories previews Anara Bella’s talent for writing intoxicating love stories. Each story carries it own storyline, but they all have similarities that will characterize this talented author’s style.  I found Brazen or Bust and Batteries Not Required to be exceptional reads. They were amazing characters, and explosive romance that left you craving more. Ready or Not was a very entertaining read, but it seemed to be lacking some of the pizzazz that the two stories offered. While each of these stories are sweet and loving; they are also dirty and hot. Readers will experience a rollercoaster of emotion as they fly through these incredibly short stories.


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