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Review: By the Pale Moonlight by Jennifer Hendren

by the pale moonlight

Title: By the Pale Moonlight

By: Jennifer Hendren

Released November 2011

My Copy: Ebook from the Author

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About the Book:

Makenna Wilhelm knows all of her friends have their quirks, but when Ty shows up naked in her yard one morning, she finds it beyond weird. Stranger still are the deep gashes across Ty’s chest and his sudden ability to hear and smell things that no human should.
During a moonlit night, Ty’s secret is revealed. He’s no longer the boy she’s crushed on forever, but rather a werewolf with one serious aversion for all things silver. Makenna is left wondering if he’s to blame for the recent death of one of their classmates, the apparent victim of an animal attack.
With the help of Melanie, the dead girl’s friend, they manage to shed doubt on Ty’s guilt only to discover Makenna was the intended prey. Even worse, she’s still a target.
In a race against the full moon, the trio struggles to find who murdered the young woman. However, without a way to cure Ty, they have no way of knowing who poses the greater threat: Ty or the unknown enemy.

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Makenna and Ty have been friends for as long as they can remember. This is the pure and honesty friendship where no matter what that one person will come to your rescue. Although, as young adult the lines have become slight obscure. When the two began dating it caused some rifts in the waves; although, when it really matters their bond is still impenetrable. When a girl is found mulled and murdered on the school property is sends a shock wave through the community. Especially in Mackenna, as she begins to remove the rose colored glass everything is not what it seems. The life of popularity was nice when she was oblivious to what it was actually costing her. More importantly, when she begins to notice changes in Ty she will stop at nothing to uncover his secrets. What she uncovers may be more secrets than she was ready to handle. Ty is a werewolf with no recollection of how he become so. With the mauling fresh in everyone mind they soon find themselves racing against time to find a cure or at least a means to control the change. A unlikely ally comes to the rescue, but what may appear as friendship could be under-minded dedication. Watching Mac mature through this novel was tremendously powerful. She becomes a person willing to stand up for good no matter what the cost. It was unfortunate to see the conclusion leaving her so alone and desperate, but I am anxious to where book two will take us. By the Pale Moonlight is a suspenseful and enticing read that will keep your attention through the final page. BookWhisperer Recommended Series.

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